Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Shopify E-commerce Website Builder for Your Online Store

For those doing business online, you know you can’t rely on a single platform such as Facebook or Twitter to realize crazy profits. There is always the notion of launching an online store and efficiently sell someday. Well, times have changed, and now you do not have to break your budget to own a website. In fact, these days, many e-commerce websites you see all over cost the merchants much less than you can imagine.

There are many e-commerce platforms such as the e-commerce solution Shopify that lets you set up a website in seconds and start selling to a broader market online. Shopify is among the notable e-commerce platforms that offer a paid and even the best free e-commerce website builder for small-scale and individual merchants to launch online stores. Recently the e-commerce solutions provider disclosed that more than 500,000 merchants are using its services. This is a huge number and can be attributed to the following reasons.

1.    Affordability

It is perfect for startups because they get to enjoy lots of great features at a little cost. It gives their customers up to 3 plan choices, the Basic Plan that goes for $29 per month, Shopify Plan $79 per month and the Advanced Shopify which goes for $299 per month. Many clients opt for the basic plan terming it as the best free e-commerce website builder, which grows with their businesses.

2.    Gives Them Control over their Online Stores

With a myriad of e-commerce websites templates and themes, this provider is perfect for anyone with a good idea of what they’d want their online store look like. You can pick for free or buy an e-commerce websites design of your choice and offer your online shop a great look regarding color, essential layout updates, font size, etc. You can easily customize the store fast even without basic programming skills and start selling in minutes.

3.    Essential Marketing Tools

A great business is all about marketing. And for startups, their e-commerce store’s life depends on the marketing strategies put in place. Since they usually operate on a low budget, Shopify provides them with marketing tools such as the SEO tools; e-commerce analytics discount codes, targeted email marketing, social network integration, coupon engine, custom gift cards and over 1000 Apps. There are more advanced marketing tools like the custom pop-up window. This enables you to track the sales made by your affiliates and also track your Shopify app.


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